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US Expatriate Tax

Compliant and non-Compliant Taxpayers

We help Americans living abroad to minimize their taxes, to resolve prior non-compliance tax issues, and to reduce the IRS non-compliance penalties. We specialize in complex expat tax services such as Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program and Streamlined Program for Low Risk Taxpayers. Our clients reside in more than 50 countries. We can communicate with you remotely no matter where you are.

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USA Expatriate Tax Planning and Compliance


State residency issue
Foreign Income exclusion
Foreign housing exclusions and deductions
Foreign tax credits and deductions
Expatriate Current and Delinquent Tax Return Preparation
Expatriate Amended Tax Return Preparation
Social Security tax implications for US expats
Bitcoin Tax Matters



Informational Reporting


Preparation of Foreign Bank Account report (FBARs)
Preparation of foreign financial assets and accounts report (FATCA)
Trusts and foreign gifts reporting
Foreign corporations interest reporting
Passive foreign investment companies reporting (PFIC)
Foreign partnerships reporting
Registered Canadian retirement savings plans reporting
Preparation of delinquent informational returns



Unreported Income Solutions


Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP)

The Streamlined filing compliance procedures

Delinquent Tax and Informational Filings



Tax Controversies Resolution


IRS Audit Defense
Levy Release
Tax Lien Removal
Offer of Compromise
Penalty Abatement
Installment Tax Payment Plan





Divorce Accounting
US Citizenship Renouncement Accounting Support