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Real Estate Tax Services

US and Foreign Real Estate Investors

  Experienced in tax laws governing real estate investments in the U.S. and the techniques available to reduce U.S. taxes on real estate profits earned by Real Estate Investors, we help you minimize tax and non-tax risks. We assist with a transfer of Real Estate Assets into a business entity and insure compliance with the IRS. We plan and execute exit tax strategy for US and non-US entities. We make the tax law work for you.

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Acquisition of Real Estate


Formation of business entities to hold Real Estate
(US Corp, Foreign Corp, LLC, Tiered Entity)
Transfer of Real Estate into a business entity



Tax Planning & Compliance


Passive activity loss limitation planning
Selling home that was used for rental or business
Tax capitalization policies
Federal, State and Local income tax filings
Wealth transfer planning
Bitcoin Tax Matter




Tax Controversies Resolution


IRS Audit Defense
Levy Release
Tax Lien Removal
Penalty Abatement



Disposition of Real Estate


Exit Strategy Formulation
Corporate Liquidation (Single Tax)
Portfolio Loans
1031 Exchanges - Capital Gain Tax Deferral
Sale of Stock in a Foreign Corp